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A total of more than 300 sets of VOFUWOOD VSD-13NB wall-mounted emergency flashlight have been added to the West Wyndham Hotel in Changsha to improve fire fighting equipment.

In September 2017, Hunan Xiya Hotel Management Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Windham Group to develop its third hotel into an international brand hotel. The main project has been completed, has entered the decoration stage, planned to open in July 2019. At present, there are three hotels owned by Hunan Xiya Hotel […]

Ganzhou Mingda Homestyle Hotel subscribe for VOFUWOOD Wall-Mounted Fire Flashlight VSD-02NR

Ganzhou Mingda Homestyle Hotel is a wholly owned hotel set up by Beijing Mingqiu experience Hotel Construction and Operation Company in Nankang. Relying on the Chinese solid wood furniture manufacturing base- China Nankang, among tens of thousands of manufacturers, select enterprises that pay attention to service quality, select fashionable and cost-effective products, build online malls […]

Shanghai JW Marriott Marquis Hotel orders 550sets of VOFUWOOD VSD-02NB Wall mounted Fire Flashlight

As the third in the world, the first Shanghai JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in China, it will perform “the Symphony of Service” in Shanghai, creating “JW extraordinary hospitality” for a group of outstanding elites with outstanding taste and confidence, and creating a warm luxury service concept.Most national hotels are equipped with emergency equipment in strict […]

A total of 240 sets of VSD-02NB fire-fighting emergency flashlights were choosed for the opening of Nanjing Jinling hotel

Nanjing Lishui Jinling Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel designed and built according to five-star standard, which is built by Nanjing Xinjida Real Estate Co., Ltd., entrusted by Jinling Hotel Management Co., Ltd.At present, the total construction area of the first phase of the hotel is 30300 square meters. With 226 rooms, large banquet hall, […]

Xishuangbanna Jinglan Hotel ordering VOFU flashlight vsd-01 110 sets

The JingLan Hotel is located in the tourist resort of Jinghong, the Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan.Since its opening, it has won the high evaluation of Chinese and foreign tourists, well-known businesses, social organizations and industry insiders with high quality service, and has achieved good economic benefits. It is an ideal place for domestic and […]

How to choose the fire flashlight that belongs to your own satisfaction?

Fire emergency flashlights are full of flashlights on the market, and there are many kinds of flashlights. For unfamiliar users, how to choose their own satisfactory fire flashlight? How can we choose an authentic multi-functional fire flashlight? In order to expand the scope of service, provide better safety products and provide safer service to customers, […]

How much is the fire flashlight?

Many hotels, or places where fire-specific flashlights are to be used, always require a cost price as a reference for budget. The price of the fire emergency torch is from several yuan to several tens of yuan. Main application places of fire-fighting flashlight : hotel guest room, apartment, finishing building, cruise ship and industrial control […]

What if the fire flashlight doesn’t light up?

We often encounter flashlights in life, but as hotel fire flashlights, we must keep them bright all the time. These flashlights look simple but impossible to start, so let’s show you how to check the cause of failure step by step. First of all: the emergency flashlight is not bright, the first thing we have […]

Do you know the function of the emergency flashlight of the hotel?

Hotel fire flashlights generally have 67 ultra-bright LED lights, with a service life of up to 100, 000 hours, efficient, energy-saving, durable. Flashing warning lights, clearly visible from a long distance, allow guests to find them quickly in an emergency. The emergency flashlight is usually installed in the door frame of the hotel room or […]

VOFUWOOD provides wall-mounted fire flashlights for the first Marriott hotel in Suining

VOFUWOOD once again won Marriott’s favor with impeccable quality products and perfect service system, successfully providing wall-mounted emergency flashlights for more than 350 rooms of Suining’s first Marriott hotel. Thank you & Best Regards, Linda Kang VOFU ・ Awesome Hotel Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd Add: No.1 Wanyuan Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang, China Tel: (86) 180-7278-8186 […]

How should the hotel do a good job of fire safety prevention

Recently, a fire broke out at Jianghan Hotel, a century-old hotel in Wuhan. Fire safety is no small matter, summer is the season of fire, how should the hotel do a good job of fire safety prevention? We need to strictly prohibit occupation, block evacuation aisle ; in order to ensure fire separation, stairwell, front […]

Why do hotel rooms need to choose wall-mounted flashlights?

The hotel is a clean, tidy place that will be the ultimate in every item. Toiletries will have a special consumable box for storage, and towels and bathrobes will also be placed in the cabinet. So how do you store the emergency flashlight for escape? Some hotel staff will randomly place the fire flashlight or […]