What if the fire flashlight doesn’t light up?

We often encounter flashlights in life, but as hotel fire flashlights, we must keep them bright all the time. These flashlights look simple but impossible to start, so let’s show you how to check the cause of failure step by step. First of all: the emergency flashlight is not bright, the first thing we have to think of is to replace the same type of battery, if the battery is still not bright, it needs to be further checked. Second: open the lid at the end of the flashlight and hold the middle part of the flashlight, or you will unscrew the lamp holder. Third: check the cylinder wall, whether there is a long-term failure to replace the battery and lead to battery water corrosion of the cylinder wall. Fourth: check the lamp head, turn on the lamp head to check whether the circuit is complete. Fifth: if you can’t rule out or confirm a specific failure, you can find an engineer at the VOFUWOOD .