VORUWOOOD teaches how to learn to self-help in the event of a fire

First of all, we need to master some common sense of escape and self-rescue, but also let fire flashlights and other fire fighting equipment play a role. 1. When a fire strikes, you should escape quickly and don’t lust for property. 2. Customers staying in the hotel should understand the basic methods of fire escape and familiarize themselves with several escape routes. 3. When threatened by fire, wear soaked clothes, bedding, carry smoke masks and fire wall hanging flashlights to the safety exit. 4, when escaping through thick smoke, try to keep your body close to the ground and wear a smoke mask. 5, the body is on fire, do not run, can roll on the spot or press the fire seedling with heavy clothes. 6, in the event of a fire, do not take the elevator, to escape in the direction of a safe exit. 7. When the door is hot, do not open the door to prevent the fire from running into the room. Clog doors and windows with soaked bedding, clothes, etc., and pour water to cool down. 8, if all escape lines are blocked by the fire, immediately return to the room, remove the wall-mounted fire flashlight, use emergency flashlights, wave clothes, call and other ways to send distress signals out of the window, waiting for rescue. Never jump blindly, use evacuation stairs, balcony, drain pipes, etc., to escape, or tear sheets into strips and connect them into ropes, fasten to window frames, iron railings, etc., slide down the rope, or go down to the uncaught floor to get out of danger.

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